The main structure of this garden is a curved wall (A Musical Wall)  which has rectangle cut-outs set into it. The cut-outs house sensors which respond to movement. The wall is an interactive sound installation  where in, by entering a hand into the cut-outs, sensors are activated and dependent on the information collected by the sensor such as speed of hand and other parameters, music/sound is generated by a evolving PC based sound “engine”. Developed by  sound artist echomap.



The planting goes against the grain, of the usually types of plants used within a sensory garden, such as mints etc which can overload to the senses and detract away from the main purpose of the garden which is the sound created by the wall.

The overall style of planting is informal and almost naturalistic to soften the hard lines created by the very formal design. Perennials are used to provide a more natural look which is easily controlled for such a small place and provide the window of colour when the garden will be used the most, during the summer months.