And the fun begins.

We have been on site at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show for 3 days now after first establishing base camp at a camping site some 5-15 mins drive away according to the London rush hour traffic.


We have never built a show garden at Hampton before so it was a new experience discovering the security protocols and exciting things like learning the one way system which is used on site which avoids traffic snarl up due to the amount of traffic on site which gets worse day by day until press day.


Once we unloaded all of our gear and put on our hi vis jackets, first things first kettle on, then take up the site atmosphere which has quite a buzz considering its only in its 2nd week of life as a show site.


Our plot IN243 is overlooking the formal gardens of Hampton Palace and one of the formal canals which gives us a nice outlook at brew breaks, serenity amongst the chaotic sound of grinding saws generators and heavy lifting thingy me jigs.


We had already secured and paid for a supplier for our timber the day before, so all we had to do now is wait for our morning delivery of wood so we can crack on. Afternoon came and no delivery, our plot was an oasis of nothing going on amongst an hive of activity, we had managed to mark out the plot but that was all we could do !!. Several calls later with the obligatory we are just putting on the last plank on mate ! We got a call from the delivery driver who was lost he couldn’t find Hampton Court and the one of the largest flower shows in the world ???. Eventually he arrived late afternoon then proceeded to get lost on site despite directions form the site traffic management.


Day 2 of the build was a sunny and warm day if not a little to warm, we English are never happy with the weather. We managed to get our deck frame together and posts up for our rear fencing. Today is day 3 and we have set up our large anchor posts for the suspended tree and engineered a stabilizing frame to old them in place while they hold up the suspended tree.


The Chimeric prints should be delivered tomorrow and I shall be driving back up north to collect the recycled glass pyramids, Oh ! And then we are playing at a progressive rock festival over the weekend as MonkeyTrial then back down to London on Sunday to continue the build, love it !.

I’m afraid there are no pictures to this post because my phone will not collect to my lap top so I promise pictures on the next post.