BuT we`re nOt reAdy !!!!.

Cast your mind back to the second week in July, we are at day zero in the building of the ‘Singing Tree Garden’ and the day of judging as arrived, we are up bright and early to get into the show site and add a few finishing touches to the garden for judging, as we turn up on site at 8am thinking we have at least 2/3 hrs to titivate, the Judges are at the garden next door and we are to be judged next WHAT THE !!!.

We have yet to plant then hang the suspended tree onto its chains along with a few other finishing touches we were sure we would not be judged until mid morning !  luckily the judges noticed that we weren’t ready and kindly agreed to leave the judging of the garden until later so, we set to work, but would you believe the tree would not hang true and to try and adjust chain linkage to a suspended tree which is hanging over a reflective pool is not easy at the best of times but when you are under stress because you are to be judged in half an hour forget it !!

In the end we didn’t manage to get the tree straight for judging and the sound installation started to play up because the new Tablet we purchased a week before to operate the sound via OSC froze and wouldn’t work, can you believe it technology GRRR. Come the time to be awarded medals we got a Bronze, which I expected from a finished garden so I was well chuffed with this award from a unfinished garden.

But, you can see from the pictures not a bad garden and the public thought so too !!. On all the show days we got interest from yoga centres and spas exactly the market we are geared for so I was a happy bunny who realised he had made the right decision to show at RHS Hampton Court Flower Show plus Wired Magazine were quite interested on the tech side of both RHS gardens we were building this year so result !!!.

Next post, we create our own little Glastonbury in the Hampton Court and for those like minded, more details on the tech side of our little operation.