Sound the last post

This will be the last post on the build of our Singing Tree Garden which we exhibited at RHS Hampton Court 2013. I was expecting to post details during the build but due to lack of internet and living in a tent for 3 weeks plus being absolutely knackerd at the end of each build … [Read more…]

Why The Spiky Look ?.

Three days left and the planting begins !! there is no doubting that a garden, even a show garden is not a garden until the plants make an appearance and the ‘Singing Tree’ is no exception. We consciously decided  to go with a true Mediterranean feel because that style of planting is not used enough in show garden design, … [Read more…]

Who says we won`t be ready on time !!

We left our intrepid show garden builders creating the main structure of the garden in climbing summer temperatures we are now on the last week of build where excavation of the planting profiles begins and  importing top soil to raise the sloping plot by 200cm. Our pyramids are delivered on site and we are awaiting delivery of our plants, … [Read more…]

And the fun begins.

We have been on site at the RHS Hampton Court Flower Show for 3 days now after first establishing base camp at a camping site some 5-15 mins drive away according to the London rush hour traffic.   We have never built a show garden at Hampton before so it was a new experience discovering … [Read more…]

Plastic a go go

Today I collected the Planter for the suspended tree and reflective pool liner. They are now in a textured black after deciding that if multi coloured they would detract from the calming colours that will make up the rest of the garden Blue Green White and Yellow. I am very pleased with the finish and … [Read more…]