Interactive Sensory Gardens


August Garden Designs Ltd provide a unique design and build service for interactive meditative and sensory gardens.Using a recently developed purpose built interactive music software and sensor technology created by the sound artist echomap. We can design and build meditative and sensory gardens specifically designed for educational or health care uses.

Pulse Sound Sculpture

This sculpture was specifically created to house a group of sensors. It holds two pressure sensors, one proximity sensor and a vibration detector. Placing a wrist on a particular part of the sculpture can cause the vibration sensor to react to your pulse, hence the name. Pulse produces sparse soundscapes suitable for quiet indoor spaces. Its software can detect when the sensors are being triggered, and in that case reduce the activity of the background sound to give the sensor input more space. Once the sensors become idle it increases the complexity of the background soundscape to compensate. It was originally displayed at the Martin Bush Gallery, Plymouth, where these images were taken:

Interactive Sound Wall

In 2010 we created a 'Sound Wall' in a garden at the RHS Tatton Show in Cheshire, UK. The wall was approximately six feet tall, and housed fourteen sensors mounted in slots. The sensors included lasers, pressure sensors, proximity sensors and dials. Throughout the show people were able to interact with the wall or just stop by and listen. The wall was rebuilt at Trentham Gardens Staffordshire