Design Service


An initial consultation visit provides a good opportunity to view my portfolio and discuss your design brief this is also a good opportunity to find solutions to horticultural problems in your garden. Estimates for garden design fees are discussed during this visit then from details taken during the consultation visit, cost estimates for the design work will be sent to you for approval.

Survey and Draft Plans.

If you decide to proceed an appointment will be arranged for a site survey and a final draft of your design brief is finalised. The information collected will then help me produce a scaled outline draft plan of your design  which I will then submit for your approval. During this submit you will be given the opportunity to contribute towards the design process.

Computer aided design will be used at this point to help you visualize the proposed design.

Drafting of scaled Outline Plans and Planting Plans.

On approval of the draft design a scaled outline plan of the design will be produced and if you require a planting plan this will also be produced at this stage along with working drawings and specifications.

Planting Plans

I provide a service to supply a planting plan of a corner of your garden or even your whole garden, a site survey will be required to provide this service or you may wish to provide your own scaled plan of the area.

Design and Build Service

The design process remains the same as above except that at the submission stage a quote is provided for landscape works in accordance with the design.