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This will be the last post on the build of our Singing Tree Garden which we exhibited at RHS Hampton Court 2013. I was expecting to post details during the build but due to lack of internet and living in a tent for 3 weeks plus being absolutely knackerd at the end of each build day it was not to be hence the late posting but I hope you have enjoyed our journey and  you will consider checking out our next jorney which was the build of second show garden at RHS Tatton ‘Sound Idea’.

Any hoo ! back to the Singing Tree garden. I promised a bit more on details relating to the tech side of our garden and pictures of our own little Chill out area at RHS Hampton Court.


Garden at Night

Garden at Night

We decided to include our interactive garden lighting for Hampton Court purely because we had a chance to show off our lighting capabilities during the preview evening of the show.

The lighting changed in sync with the sound scape

The lighting changed in sync with the sound scape

DSC_0217 (Small)







So we installed  colour changing LED lighting into the pyramids the same up lighting the suspended tree and chimeric abstract art which reflected the light back into the garden, the lights were controlled by a DMX lighting desk which in turn was controlled by the echomap sound engine, because the software generates the music and controls the lights this produces an integrated experience where the music and lights tie together – does the music create the lighting, or do the lights create the music? (Neither really, but that was the illusion we were aiming for). So when interaction with the installation takes place via sensors or OSC anyone triggering the sounds could also trigger the lights. Cool or what !!!. We got quite a lot of leads resulting from our little light show which was nice. To lie in the garden listening to our soundscapes and watch the fireworks at the end of the evening was a magical moment for us all which set us up for the following first day of the show. During Press day we commissioned a choir from Stafford to harmonise with our installation which a lot of people enjoyed including the choir because it was a first for them and the resulting Sonics in the garden during this experiment were strange to say the least this is something we would like to pursue in our sound art.

The sound system comprised four Bose all-weather speakers (FreeSpace 360P series 2) and a Bose digital mixer amplifier (FreeSpace DXA 2120), made available by Bose UK whom I would like to thank for there help and support.

An extract from the soundscape can be played via our bandcamp site by clicking here.  At the show the music was created using our software engine in real-time, in other words the software knew how to play, and was provided with a few hints, but wasn’t told what to play.

We were able to interact with the soundscape using two infra-red sensors mounted on the deck, but a new feature we were demonstrating was the ability to interact wirelessly using an OSC app running on iOS or Android devices.  OSC is similar to MIDI, but more flexible in many respects.  The app basically operates as a remote control over wifi, and we then added the capability to allow OSC connections into our software.  The final part was to configure our software to interpret the OSC messages in the ways we required.

During the show we got quite a lot of interest from yoga centres and private clients who were wanting a relaxation area in their garden to practice yoga. We felt that the show was a success for us and a way forward by introducing an extra market for our sound installations and gardens.  For more information on echomap contact us we can provide a demo which I recommended  because unless you have interacted with our sound art you will not understand what all the fuss is about.