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Some useful Tips: How to Keep Fresh Flowers Alive Longer

Most of us love to keep fresh flowers in our homes to enhance the look of the home and add extra freshness to the same. However, there is a common misconception that we need to change the flowers of our vase daily. Do we know, its not at all required? We can keep them as fresh as they’ve been plucked a few minutes back even after a day or two. Here, we’ve come up with some tips that will help you to keep fresh flowers alive longer with all their divine beauty.

How to keep fresh flowers alive longer?

If the flowers are in a bouquet, we should remove the paper that surrounds the bouquet at first. Then we need to cut the stem diagonally and throw away the leaves. Then, we need to put them in water.  You should also check for the location of the vase. It’s better to keep it in a cool place at night. In the day time, try to keep them in light, however, not in direct sunlight.

Some tips That suit the type of flower

 To keep fresh flowers alive longer, we must consider the type of the particular flower.  Let’s check them out.


To keep the roses, you need to take away its thorns first. Then you an cut the stems diagonally.  Never forget to change the water of the frequently. The roses really like cold water.  


The hydrangeas with more vivid colors come from the Netherlands, but they last less than the Spanish ones, whose colors are more faded. If they dehydrate, you can recover them by immersing them in cold water. 


Orchids are flowers that do not need too much care and last a lot. It is recommended to cut your stem diagonally and immerse them in warm water. 

Useful Materials to preserve flowers

To keep fresh flowers alive longer, here are some effective materials that you can use. Let’s take a look at them.


To stay fresh, Flowers require some minerals and salts. We could supply the same easily to them by putting some Aspirin in to them. You can also try adding charcoal or a mixture of sugar or salt. You need to use it a teaspoon full. Sprite or 7 UP is also a great source of the minerals that flowers require to remain fresh. Mix them well with a cup of water and experience the magic. 


One more effective trick that you might have hardly heard of is the treatment with vodka. A spoonful of sugar along with vodka (3-4 drops) mixed with some water can give your favorie flowers the desired fresh ess for a longer duration. Then, simply add it to the water of the vaese. Vodka prevents the bacterial grwoth and from sugar, flowers get their resource to sstay fresh and alive. 


To keep fresh flowers alive longer, use vinega sugar( a teaspoon) and mix them with one liter of water and pour it in the vase. Definitely, it will help in keeping the flowers fresh for a longer duration. 

Flower vase

 We recommend you to find a large vase so that all the stems fit well and reach the water without getting stuck with each other. 

Hair spray

You can use hair spray to keep fresh flowers alive longer.  Be careful and don’t saturate the petals, just spray a little from a distance of at least 10 cm, which helps preserve their beauty for a longer period of time.     

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