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Looking for Most Beautiful Blue Flowers? Here Are the Top  8

Being associated with intellect and spirituality, blue colour holds a sense of calmness in itself. Blue colour conveys the message of love and desire along with the supreme struggle to reach the zenith. While lighter hues of blue represent serenity, peace, and calmness while the dark blue conveys importance and confidence. Since the colour blue stands for so many things, it makes a very attractive choice when it comes to plants.

Blue colour flowers are one of the rarest flowers found in the world. Blue flowers setup a meditative frame of mind by the purity of its calming and cooling effect. In general, is associated with loyalty, intelligence, trust, truth, wisdom, confidence, and faith giving a sense of stability, security and honesty, the blue colour is very attractive when it comes to plants.

Listed down below are the top 8 most beautiful blue flowers found accross the world.

1.       Blue Hydrangea

 A big, sky blue hydrangea flower is absolutely breathtaking. Some of these most beautiful blueflowers come in eloquent and astonishing colours, while some are in faint shades like sky blue or powder blue as well. The different shades of blue vary conceding the pH level of the soil. Blue hydrangea flower transmits a strong and heartfelt feeling of love when given as a gift and looks stunning in flower arrangements.

2.     Bluestar

Bluestar is one of the brightest and most beautiful blue flowers. Bluestar is heat, drought, rabbit, deer resistant plant and produces clusters of clear, blue star-shaped blooms—delicate and dynamic at the same time. It represents steadfastness and affection.

3.       Blue Orchids

Orchids are highly fancy flowers representing beauty, luxury, and strength. Blue orchids are astonishingly beautiful flowers and are a show-stopper each and every time. These flowers are rare to find but are extremely popular for their beauty. Blue orchids epitomize placidity and are associated with the vast and deep ocean for its blue and white colour. 

4.       Forget me not

Forget-me-not flowers are quite tall in size. This flower signifies true love and remembrance.  In the 15th century, it was believed that the people who wore this flower would never be forgotten by their loved ones. This is one of the most beautiful blue flowers with yellow filament and blooms mainly during the months of May-October.

5.       Delphinium

This dolphin shaped flower symbolizes fun, ardent attachment, levity, and big-hearted in the language of flowers.  Delphinium flowers come in some of the truest-blue flowers and grow in soil that is rich in organic matter.

6.       Dandelion

Dandelion flower is associated with affection, love, sympathy, and desire, while the blue dandelion flower represents happiness faithfulness and tranquillity. These flowers are available all around the world and are edible and nutritious as well. It is used in a wide range of cuisine throughout the world and is also used to make wine. It extends its use in the field of medicine as well.

7.       Grape Hyacinth

These flowers are very beautiful, a spring-flowering bulb which grows in clusters in mid-spring. They are found in varieties of purple, white and yellow as well. Being associated with reincarnation, sports, playful joy and rashness, Grape hyacinth symbolizes stability and trust.

8.        Bellflower

These are deep blue pearl cup-shaped flower with light yellow centres.  Bellflowers are charming starry or bell -shaped flowers that bloom in colours like purple, violet -pink, and white. The flower is associated with constancy, humility, and gratitude. Being referred to as ‘fairy thimbles’, bell flowers are related to the realm of fairies. They are a fragrant flower that attracts bees, birds, and butterflies as well.

Hope you’ve found the most beautiful blue flowers here that you’re looking for. Get ready to make your home even more beautiful with them.

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